my opinion

Does everyone else not notice this…?
I saw it on facebook this whole time probably thousands of babies have died from brutal killings. Abortion but as if abortion wasn’t bad so far they just made it worse. Now there’s a tube they’ll use to kill the baby where they put the baby inside it and shreds him or her into pieces and while this is happening the baby’s piercing screams will be heard by the people killing them. As if slicing them in half wasn’t as bad. It’s really sad for a small fetus such as them to die like that especially after the little resistance they put up.they are powerless to the cruelty of us,…man… Humans.for someone to not even try to notice theses babies screams while they are put into misery to let them suffer and perish after such trauma is just not humane.but then again people are greedy and selfish and only care about themselves I get if it was a teen girl who aborted her child but for grown women to do it is just wrong. To think that baby would ruin how your ‘perfect’ life is. Well I’m sorry for them to be an inconvenience to you.its not as if they wanted to come into existence and the short amount of time they spent on earth was a living hell because of the people who abuse the privilege of having abortions for their own game. They might not want the baby so they shouldn’t be the ones going out and making them. If they don’t wanna own up to their own consequences then they shouldn’t even be doing things that result from the actions.


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