When the people you trust the most betray you,do you think ‘hey there was a possibility this would happen.” When someone like your best friend talks badly about you behind your back. It saddens you doesnt it?

Like everyone we have someone to lean on another friend, mom and dad or even your would never think they’ll talk badly about you. You might be wrong.even though your family doesn’t mean they don’t judge you. They probably talk badly behind your back. You wouldn’t know they could even do it when you sleep. And you’d think they love you unconditionally, they probably do. But that doesn’t change the way they act infront of you. They will never tell you just how they feel. Never will they say it in your face. Is it to protect your feelings?probably not. They all have their opinions. But what’s yours about them?would you try to change to please them.?or prove them wrong? Is the reality you live in with your family just a twisted dream where insults come out about you but never heard by your ears. Some made it clear your emotions don’t matter but is that what everyone is thinking but doesn’t say? Is everything just a big fat lie? Who will tell you the truth?

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