Discrimination of youth

So I was reading this one article about lesbians. And I wondered what other groups of people are judged harshly. So there are women. Which I’m definitely gonna walk around cause its such a big topic to try and explain.So I picked the youth. Your probably wondering, how the youth is being mistreated? Well i as one of those teens among youth can tell you. We live in such a harsh world where reality hits us hard and our parents no longer shield us from it anymore. Its constantly a struggle to keep our grades up and to get smarter.And become an adult.with that last sentence I hit the main point. We wanna become big grown ups and show everyone that we’re a smart cookie.And that’s when adults come around and knock us down a few pegs.

Dont get me wrong, doing so is helpful but sometimes it’s just plain annoying. I mean you should know your boundaries.LIKE for example I was in language art class and my teacher was talking about an essay we had to write. Then she started talking about our brains. She’s  like “I know this essay is hard but you gotta read the questions really closely. Answer all the question but we will do the last one together.I wanna do the last one together with you guys cause you aren’t ready for it.your minds are physically still forming that part of your brain and it’ll be difficult to do it.” You’d think oh well she’s just telling you kindly and that she wants to help you. That’s not how we see it she just called us all stupid cause we didn’t understand something she didn’t even let us try to do cause she thought we weren’t ready for it. She didn’t say you can try but you’ll have a hard time and after I’ll show you the right way,No she plain and simply said you can’t do it. Now ad days once you hit highschool y he teachers stop caring as long as you turn in ur assignments ya da ya da ya da.Anyways the teacher who should get paid more  are the ones who actually take the time to explain something to a student instead of saying look it up or look in your notes.

Teachers be like we should get more pay and I’m like well then put 100% in your job.there would be more money for you if all of us were passing. Now all the teachers care about is money. I mean why else would it be. They dont car as long as they get paid that week.

They talk about kids with failing grades hurt their conscious they obviously lie  about  that.  Teachers are always trying to find ways to mark us down somehow  oiler find mistakes. And when they do they don’t do it like elementary and explain what we did wrong all they do is give us our now graded paper. They talk about not having the time to talk or tutor that one student during class while everyone is working.Lie.they just don’t wanna get up and help that kid. I see teachers on email and looking at clothes on their computer.you can pick out what shoes you wanna buy yet you can’t help a failing student. They say come in on your own time not mine.

Dude,your time is our time,we could be of been out never attending school and wandering the streets. Your time is here doing your job teaching. You need to teach the class well show this kid how to solve this problem cause everyone else might be struggling on that one too. Honestly they say parents need to start caring well i bet them parents would if teachers started caring too.

They say check your grades often. If a kid don’t know they failing a teacher should tell them and notify their parents. Not let that kid fail until they gotta retake that class. Teachers are one of the main role models  the world gots. They are looked at as the smartest minds since they teach our minds and if these intelligent people don’t care about a student’s future why should anyone else. All i just have to say now is everyone please help students grow into strong individuals instead of trying to make them stress over things like grades and tardes.

Instead help them to work and better themselves and maybe you might learn something as well.

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