Starbucks near me

So after a day of being in school I came to Starbucks. Why you ask because I’m tired and I wanna stay awake til the right time to go to sleep. Ima teen and teenagers these days suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. It all because of caffeine. at first I thought if caffeine can do it it can also reverse it back. It didn’t work. drinking soda in the morning made me fall asleep and drinking it at night made me stay up. It just f up my sleeping timer in my head. It doesn’t help that I wake up at like 4 or 3 am.

Anyways I bought a cheese cake frappuccino. It’s a new invention by one of the workers. And I gotta say it’s good. I mean I see her everyday come in to use WiFi but I didn’t quite get her name. I could ask now but that wouldn’t change the relationship status of a patient getting served by a employee.

I look at all the people working and I think they’re lucky. I mean people say how much they hate their job but people like me or people from different countries would kill for one. I don’t know how they expect me to get a job if you need job experience so I guess ill have to do community service and start become just my someone people would recommend to others.

It may seem so that I don’t try but no one gives me a chance to do my best all opportunities have left. I mean who’s gonna be there for me now. The teachers stopped helping and holding kids hands a long time ago. And the counsellor isn’t doing anything for us either. If you aren’t a student on their list they won’t help you and if your counsellor comes all he does is tell you the obvious I am there waiting to see if he could do something about it.

I hate that teachers try to teach you at there pace instead of yours. I mean if a whole bunch of kids don’t get an assignment done you’ll think that would show then something but I guess not. I am so tired of this highschool sucks and I knew that the first day of freshman year no matter what things just get worse. Especially if your alone.


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