My opinion

The people around me
everyday I miss my clubs at school to ride the bus which is crowded with people or just deserted,just to get home to watch my ANNOYING BROTHER. but is that really my problem, no! its my STUPID, IRRESPONIBLE SISTER. she may  be older but she  has done more mistakes then me. now, here she is complaining about missing one club to the person hosting it. when all year I went without going to any of my clubs not to mention plus this year as well. i’m  sick and tired of going home and sitting there doing nothing. then my mom and sis go around saying. “oh! jenni loves to stay at home.” NOT. I don’t even get one day just to do something I wanna do unless I gotta stress over it and force the people around me to let me do it. what I really wanna do is go to the library but then I gotta drag my brother with me and he’s so noisy and plus mom wants me to watch the house cause of thieves. what will they steal from us anyway? all the clothes my mom won’t get rid of. man don’t get me started on that topic. every time we move the only ones getting rid of things is me and my sister. my mom doesn’t throw anything of hers away. no wonder auntie call her a horder. and not to mention just cause I grow some sizes or not grow at all my mom give my sis my clothes even the clothes my aunt gave me. then she wanna say  “oh mom game me it,or I bought this or,auntie bought me this. she says she would pay me back the money she owes me when she gets a job she already have a job and still didn’t pay me back the five bucks I loaned her. she wants me to do things for her like ima slave and she won’t even do those things for me she always got an excuse so fuck her ill do it myself. excuse my language but she may be my sis but someone gotta tell you if you ever meet her she may seem nice but she is a bitch. she’s only nice to her friends. she judges a book by its cover. she says I have no common sense surprising I have none and she has a whole bunch yet I don’t fall into situations like she does. she wants to talk about how many times she saved me. LIES. THE ONE WHO SAVED THE OTHER WAS ALWAYS ME. she says oh this guy was gonna rape you and I stopped him from planning to. this was the same guy I beat up for calling her stupid and picking on her. SAVE ME. this guy punched her and she started to cry. I may say I forget but somethings I remember very clearly.

my mom judges me all the time yet when I suddenly change she wants to change her mind about what she said to me. she’s so bipolar and worse of all she spoils my brother and he’s now being dum saying he can’t read when he can and not listening to his teacher. maybe people are right I don’t look like I’m in this family and I’m starting to hope I was adopted and could go to my real parents. I guess I’m just sick and tired of my family. this is the sort of time where people like me need to go on a vacation. I just don’t understand what’s going on in their minds. if only I had the gift to mind read that’ll just be perfect.


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