My opinion

Dreams v.s. reality

Most people have problems. Heck everyone has problems. So what if that girl is fat or anorexic. It’s just because of all the stress. We all have a way of coping with stress whether we are conscious of doing so or not.

Dreams are the one place we can escape to. Our imagination is the only happy place we have. Where we can be as young as we want or be pretty. Where everyone loves us. In dreams shy people aren’t really shy anymore and they talk freely. Dreams are where the weak can be the one to save the day. Just like reality tho not all dreams are good.

To think once upon a time little boys and girls back in my childhood used to think not about hair styles or how people look. We all played together whether with nerds, cool kids, and just plain weird individuals.but then we grew up and learned the ways of the world which for some of us wasn’t a good thing. It just made us wanna crawl under a rock and that’s when we realize that our clock has stop.when I say this I don’t mean our bodies stop growing I mean our mind just stop and we live a life as teens but inside we’re still might even take awhile to actually start acting our age.but then there’s that one kid that wants to act older or does. Some kids wanna grow up faster and others wanna remain kids.

As an individual I have to say. There are sometimes I go to sleep and remember every little detail of the past.not of the people but the surrounding around me. I can remember someone’s face but not know their name. But then there are these dreams I have where I’m back in the old apartment complex I used to live in. The one i never wanted to leave. I guess apart of me died there or remained behind with all my memories.

maybe some people have hard time facing reality because its hard on them. No matter what situation they’re in but then we look around. There are some people who talk about being alone and having someone who cheats on them but you realize if you ask around everyone has gone through those stages. The one who cheats has problems of their own and they need to figure them out.

Dreams are alot much easier to be in people may say that some people dont live their life but you realize they do its all in their head. The down part about peoples dreams are that the other individuals in them dont know about the dream. But maybe its better that way especially if the dream was embarrassing or they told their true feelings in the dream like if telling the person you dislike that you hate them and fighting with them. I guess something’s are better off kept a secret.